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When to choose Metal-Stamping over laser cutting

Laser cutting is a very fast way to prototype new jobs and is a very good method for short run production with no upfront tooling cost. That said, laser cutting is very expensive compared to stamping, especially if there is second operation forming required. Stamping dies do require more time to be built, but produce much higher quality parts than laser. Stamped parts can hold tighter tolerances, have better repeatability and less burr, and normally do not require hand or orbital deburring (which also adds cost). A well-built, well-maintained stamping tool can produce thousands of parts that can easily be tumble deburred. Forming stations can also be incorporated in progressive dies, which can often produce a finished part with a single stroke of the press. Grass Manufacturing maintains and stores tooling at no charge to its customer. This is for the life of the job, provided the tool never leaves the premises. We have tooling in-house that has been running for decades, producing millions of parts.


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